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Unblocking the Chakras with Reiki Doncaster

Unblocking the Chakras with Reiki Doncaster

Unblocking the Chakras with Reiki Doncaster
I can unblock your Chakras to help balance your and give you more energy

Feeling less energetic or emotionally flat, unblocking the Chakras with Reiki Doncaster could be the answer to both physical and mental health problems. Reiki treatments for headache or migraine can help in different ways too.

Chakra cleansing, clearing and freeing your energy with Reiki Doncaster. Is one of the Reiki treatments I offer at Reiki Doncaster. Other treatments include Reiki treatment for cancer and stress. Reiki helps aches and pains and much more. Reiki has helped anger issues too.

If you are feeling less energetic or emotionally flat. It’s very possible that your chakras are out of alignment. Either spinning to fast or stuck completely. Imagine an energy waterfall coming through the body and flowing up your spine. Above all, the energy is replenishing your body and mind with vital life force. However, this can get blocked up.

Firstly, when this energy system is blocked you can feel all kinds of off feelings. Therefore, this can lead to shifts in your life and health. Reiki Healing can help you. But I am here, local in Doncaster and have been practicing Reiki in Doncaster for nearly two decades.

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Chakra scan – Unblocking the Chakras with Reiki Doncaster

The best way is for a Reiki practitioner like myself at Reiki Doncaster to do a chakra scan. This will identify what chakras are blocked. Then with a Reiki 60min treatment to release the blockages and create a balanced energy system.

For example, I identify the signs of blocked energy at each chakra and decide how to create flow. Some are described here.

Blocked Root Chakra: Unable to feel grounded, feeling of being stuck in your head. Wanting to feel like you’re on solid ground but your world is being tipped on its head. Becoming greedy about material things to feel grounded.

Create Root flow: Spending time with yourself, and outside. What brings you energy -woods -mountains or the seaside. Being bare foot and keeping still while deep breathing letting the energy flow through you. But wearing an item of red could be a top or a simple bracelet.

Blocked Sacral Chakra

Out of touch with your creative energy side. The vibe isn’t flowing. Feminine energy the connection to your desire for life of love and fun is non-existence.

Create Sacral flow: This energy gives your body movement, visualise water flowing through you to music. Delicate and light like you’re a funnel for the energy. Dance wearing orange t-shirt or scarf. Make your self carrot soup with a little cheeky spice.

Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

This is the power hub of all the energy system. When out of balanced self-esteem may be low and decision making up in the air. Unable to concentrate on anything for too long.

Create Solar Plexus flow: This is a very vibrant golden yellow and roars like a fire, being in a bath or a room surround with an ambiance of candles or soaking up a bright sunshine.

It’s important to remember to repeat daily or as often as you can. Looking at or wearing yellow, a beautiful arrangement of yellow flowers in your home.

Blocked Heart Chakra – Unblocking the Chakras with Reiki Doncaster

Love is such a strong emotion but can also turn to hate very quickly. Every experience we connection with an emotion. Sometimes we can store painful ones in our chakras, which continues to block. Which makes the ability to forgive and love again harder?

Create Heart flow: Breath is air and releasing stored energy. Keeping a daily journal or a write a page at the end of the day which you can rip up and throw away or simply delete. So, you don’t have to store it all up inside yourself. Time for a clear out.

Green is life and vitally, eating green veggies and thinking about your health with lots of water to drink to help flush your system.

Blocked Throat Chakra: Is no one listening? Are you ignoring your inner voice? Being authentic and bringing value to your life. Fear of not being accepted or being judged for your ideas. Are you listening to your inner child voice?

Create Throat flow

Blue is a great way to explore this, wearing a blue scarf and visiting the seaside and a waterfall. Listening to flowing water the power of this force. Water is strong and runs in many directions. Words are just as powerful and telling your sell kind and strong words will help you to grow and find your voice. Becoming ready to move with waves of life.

Blocked Third Eye Chakra

Is your head in the clouds? For example, you can’t focus on what you supposed to be doing? Or what you want to do. The third eye is the centre for imagination, clairvoyance, and intuition. When blocked you have less connection to feelings of what’s best for you, or when you have those gut feelings. Study can feel like a waste of time, instead you just want to dream. Remember Reiki can help you

Create Third Eye flow: To create a positive energy by meditation, put 1 candle in front of you and you can either lightly gaze upon it for a few minutes a day with gradual increase in time. Let your thoughts flow down the stream as you begin to think about your third eye and just breath slowly.

Indigo is the colour of this chakra, fresh air while eating purple foods is a great dish to serve your soul.

Feelings of isolation or emotional distress, turning on ourselves and others not feeling our true selves.

Create Third Eye Flow:

Releasing with words, writing down how we feel to express and not keep it bottled up. Spend as much time as possible out in nature. Sitting by a tree or hugging a tree, drinking water/herbal tea and cold showers to detox your body. Pray to your higher self, not for your self but for others. Words are stronger out loud. Say 3 things about strangers that pass you by, pray for them that you would pray for yourself.

Self-less acts of love to reenergise the soul.

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Blocked Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the universal energy. But when this is blocked, we get a feeling of depression and detachment from humans and all living things

Chakra energy healing with Reiki is a way to diagnose which chakras are blocked or spinning to fast. Therefore as I start the treatment I align with your energy with Reiki I can identify what chakras are moving. Importantly, by holding my hands above your body where the chakra points are. No contact is made during a Reiki treatment.

When I start at the crown, I hover my hand and hold it in place. Your chakra will then give me an idea of where some healings need to be focused. Meanwhile, as the treatment continues, I can get impressions from your energy what might be blocking. And to give your feedback to continue your healing at home.

During the Reiki treatment I focus heling energy to clear and rebalance to create harmony in your body/mind and soul. This is the quickest way to create a harmony with healthy chakras. Importantly, each treatment I will check your chakra energy levels to and give you a guide on your progress.

Unblocking the Chakras with Reiki Doncaster

In conclusion, Reiki Doncaster has the training and experience to provide a healthy energy chakra that will bring you health and vitally to every part of your life. I offer Reiki in Doncaster for a range of issues. Helping people sleeping issues to giving Reiki treatments for cancer. Kirsty.

If you can’t get to Doncaster you can still receive distance Reiki healing from me

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