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Reiki for depression

People have studied Reiki for depression. They have shown that depression stems from childhood brain development. Hi, I’m Kirsty, a Reiki master and healer in Doncaster.

Reiki for depression
Reiki helping you through depression

These studies show that during our childhood the brain develops and functions in a way that we learn through experiences.

If we have been subject to any forms of neglect, abuse (emotional and mental) maybe severe or mild. We are taught how to cope through watching our adults and people around us. A Reiki healer can help with this.

If we don’t understand how to process these emotions, we carry them with us to our adult life.

And the big fact is that we can only prevent such pain for so long. Distractions fall short, and we are thrusted into worse pain because we haven’t dealt with it completely. Reiki can help with this pain.

And that’s an even bigger problem when we don’t know the underlying cause, which there can be many sources.

Depression affects many people. Treatments do not have complete success and often require people to take drugs for long periods of time.

Many people look for other treatments that may help.

One of those is Reiki, a 2500-year-old treatment described as a vibrational or subtle energy therapy.

How does Reiki help depression?

To sum it up, Reiki is a practice where universal positive healing energy is transmitted through the Reiki healer to the client. This is why Reiki distance healing works.

The client is on a Reiki table, which looks like a massage table, around a comfortable environment to wind down.

By putting you in touch with the healing, universal Reiki energy, your body can start to be able to relax out of constriction. An unknown tightness you were tensing inside your body may be free to let go.

Reiki, by doing this, offers a chance for the whole being to see a different image of themselves and the things around them by feeling more grounded and loving towards themselves, and others.

Using Reiki for depression stimulates life’s bigger picture, putting their present life from a viewing standpoint. Your mind, body and soul is balanced, and you’ll get to relax for the first time in ages.

Reiki is full of get-well stories over the years since it has been developed since the 1920s.

Some people heal quickly, even just one session can make them see things clearer. But there are people who take longer and require regular sessions (depending on the depth of the depression).

Either way, you heal at your own time, healing journeys are very personal experiences, and there is absolutely no judgement in the Reiki healing field, and in my sessions.

The point is knowing that you shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about any part of your healing process, and that includes your time with Reikidoncaster.

I offer a non-judgemental practice and a safe, warm environment for my clients to soak up the Reiki energy.

How does a Reiki healer help depression?

The Reiki energy that goes into the body knows exactly where it’s needed – and then goes straight to the source.

The result of this blend of energies creates and stimulates your owns body’s energy. To strengthen and heal yourself, this last for a few days after up to a week. You will also learn Reiki self meditation when you come to me.

Reiki works with your body, sort of like a vitamin. It helps to sort what deficiencies your energy has, then goes to work incorporating your body with that vital life force you need.

If you have a course of treatment, you will see every week that the healing changes a little, this is your body communicating with the Reiki to work for longer in certain places. This is how Reiki for depression works, healing your body.

Like with eating healthy, we don’t normally see the great benefits of what we are consuming for a few weeks. But after a month or two you see the major changes. The health benefits of Reiki are much the same.

The before and after is going to become real.

Reiki releasing energy

The energy body is where all illnesses as well as depression reveal themselves. It is the Reiki energy’s job to distil blockages that are those illnesses. And to bring them slowly to the surface. So, you have time step by step to start understanding more about yourself.

Blocks in our energy also come from poor sleep habits, food and water habits, feelings that have been bottled up and pressed, and other issues with lifestyle and the people in our lives.

These also come up as stress from feelings that haven’t been dealt with, and which need to be.

Reiki as an experience is a tremendous thing and connecting with a positive part of yourself, which can be shadowed by depression, is one amazing way to start or progress your path of healing.

Reports from people who have experienced benefits from Reiki sessions, its seems that Reiki may be a valuable addition to treatment regimens for people suffering from depression.

A Reiki healer channels natural energy.

However, although Reiki may help to relieve some of the symptoms of depression, it will be more effective when used with other holistic and traditional therapies.

Other treatments that may be helpful are psychotherapy, acupuncture, and certain prescribed medications by your doctor. People with depression could also benefit from regular physical activity.

For best long-term results, people experiencing depression should participate in multiple Reiki treatments over time. A single treatment will be helpful but multiple sessions are more likely to result in symptom improvement.

The improvement is very noticeable from the start, and as you progress through your weekly session the block or wall that you were running into begins to fade.

Seeing a weekly Reiki healer also gives you the support and encouragement to move forward and you’re not alone.

Depression can make you feel vulnerable and uncared for, Reikdoncaster is the smiling face that cheers you on every week.

We all have low points with depression but it’s important to know there is a positive helpful hope with Reikidoncaster.

I’m Kirsty, I am a reiki master in Doncaster and owner of Reikidoncaster. I’m your practitioner, and I’m here to guide the right energy your way through Reiki.

Every part of Reiki is beautiful – even the part where you decide that it is one way you want to grow.

I can’t wait to meet you and show you what Reiki for depression can do. So, I can help you accept your anger, and help it on a regular basis. No one says it’s going to be easy.

But I wish to make the process as laid-back and healing as possible.

Whenever you need a Reiki session, I will be here. I am a Reiki healer and Reiki master offering Reiki in Doncaster

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