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How can Reiki help me?

How can Reiki help me? This is a question I hear from people almost every day. How can Reiki help me with my anxiety, or my sleepless nights. What can Reiki do for my long term illness or condition? How does Reiki work? These are all important questions.

But first we must ask ourselves, how did we get to the point when we need Reiki to help us?

Well modern living has a massive impact on the way our bodies function. They seem to be running at full pace for longer and longer these days. It’s just the way modern life is. It’s no good thinking ‘I’ll slow down a bit next week’ it just wont work!

One of the effects of Reiki is that it balances the mind and the body, which in turns gives your body the time and extra energy it needs to recover. But how can Reiki help me?

You will find that you sleep better after Reiki treatments. This deeper sleep is a huge benefit to self healing. Your body can not start to repair itself until most of your systems are shut down and are disengaged ready for repair. Reiki reduces pain.

Your body will then go about it’s work and start to get rid of the free radicals and other damaging things that build up in your body. This is a major benefit of regular Reiki treatments.

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How can Reiki help me? – Reiki energy

Reiki energy comes from all around us and from the furthest parts of the galaxy. It has been around forever and is there ready and waiting for you to benefit from it. My job as a Reiki master is to direct and focus this Reiki energy to the places in your body that need it.

In this way, I can scan and understand where you most need the Reiki energy and allow just enough with each session for you to get the most benefit from your Reiki healing session. This direct Reiki energy will break down the blockages and balance you mind and body. Making you fell better and relaxed.

Many people suffer from anxiety based conditions and Reiki treatments are very good for this sort of condition. Anxiety manifests itself in many ways and can be very damaging to a persons mind and body. If these conditions are allowed to progress people can become sick and unbalanced.

This often leads to problems at work and within relationships. I have helped many clients with this sort of issue. Reiki can help with anger and other troubling problems.

And while it is never to late, it is very beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing to start on the road to recovery as soon as possible. I offer Reiki treatment for cancer and other long term conditions, just contact me for a chat.

What happens in a Reiki treatment?

You may hear or read that Reiki sessions involve the laying on of hands. I can’t speak for other people, but I can tell you that this is not needed. Energy flows inside us and through different points called nadis, chakras & meridians. It surrounds us and everything else in the universe.

Some people call the energy around the body an aura. It’s as good a name as anything. But what really matters is that I can work with energy and connect with your own energy without having to touch you. All my Reiki treatment is hands off. Which also lets me do distance Reiki treatment for you.

How can Reiki help me in Doncaster
How can Reiki help me

I offer Reiki treatment in Doncaster at my home. It’s a nice soothing environment, where you will feel relaxed. It is a simple room with soft spiritual music in the background. There will incense in the air and there is a treatment table for you to lay on.

You are fully clothed and will be offered a light blanket, just for comfort. The session lasts for around 50 mins to an hour, and all my treatments are hands off.

I qualified as a Reiki practitioner in 2003 and have been practicing Reiki for over 18 years now in my home-based environment. Reiki treatment can help with headaches and migraine as well as lots of other health issues.

I specialise in intuitive Reiki. This is a type of Reiki that is especially good for you if you feel a bit nervous. As it is a treatment that holds the hands above the body allowing the flow of the Reiki energy to you.

How can Reiki help me day to day?

The way Reiki helps people get through the day is by the balancing of the life energy and throughout your body and around you. I can use Reiki to re open your chakras. This just by itself will make you feel much better and will aid in restful repairing sleep. Reiki also helps specific health problems and your Reiki treatments can be focused around these important issues.

The worst thing is to allow your body to get worse, It will just take longer to get back to feeling great and full of life again. And it is possible, very possible and with renewed vigour and with a new love for life and thouse around you.

You will feel great again and you will find that the because you feel so good, you do much better at work and in relationships. Call or email me now to arrange your first step to a great new life!

I have tried to answer the question how can Reiki help me? But I’m sure you have many more questions that a reading a web page can’t answer.

Just give me a call, I’m really happy to have a friendly chat with you to answer your questions about Reiki and if it will be good for you or not. I’m not going to ask you to book, so don’t worry, I’m here to help. Kirsty. Just Click to call me…

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