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Hi, I’m Kirsty, I am always here for you.

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    I am a qualified Reiki Master and Reiki healer practitioner offering Reiki treatments in Doncaster. 2003 and have been practicing Reiki for over 18 years now in my home-based environment.

    I specialise in intuitive Reiki. This is a type of Reiki that is especially good for you if you feel a bit nervous. As it is a treatment that holds the hands above the body allowing the flow of the Reiki energy to you. Reiki is an holistic therapy

    This treatment is a 60 minute session where you have an intensive healing process. You will start to feel the benefits almost straight away.

    When you start to come around after your session you might notice a few things. Like feeling sleepy and the feeling of being totally relaxed or having been asleep for a while.

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    This is very normal and within a few seconds you will start to fell more like yourself. Sitting up slowly and having a little chat about how you feel it went brings you back to the present.

    I have had clients tell me about how they felt a lot of emotions during the session. How their feet where fluffy like clouds. Some people even go into a sleep like state to get a deeper healing, but this is normally after a few treatments.

    Intuitive Reiki is a beautiful form of Reiki as it allows the movement of free hands. So the Reiki directs my hands over the place it wants to be for as long as needed. Example you have been having headaches or knee pain, the energy can pick up on this and spend as much time healing the area that needs the energy for longer.

    Reiki for modern stress

    It is the same with stress, anxiety and any forms of mental health. We can store these energy’s in our body’s like blockages. The Reiki energy will flow to these areas of most need to clear and heal in the right palaces.

    Reiki works on all levels, mental, physical and spiritual. You will always receive exactly what you need in that moment. Reiki will help with many things. I offer Reiki for pain management as well as other health issues.

    During the week flowing the session you may start to notice little things happening or changing. But like everything we need to make the changes in our lives for ourselves.

    Reiki will guide and help but we still need to do the work, Reiki fills us up with confidence over time to see the true value in life.

    Helping up to find what brings us oneness and joy, Sleeping better and looking at our self’s from a healthy point of view.

    In conclusion, I recommend a 4 week treatment to get you started on the best road for you. That’s one 60 min session once a week. To get you back sleeping and healing to your truest potential.

    Even in these difficult times, you can receive distance Reiki healing from me

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