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Health benefits of Reiki for cancer

I am often asked about the health benefits of Reiki for cancer. I have been a Reiki practitioner for nearly two decades, this is one of the most often asked questions.

Health benefits of Reiki for cancer in Doncaster

Health benefits of Reiki for cancer
Reiki treatment for cancer patients in Doncaster

Reiki is a healing system that just doesn’t treat just cancer but the whole person. Therefore treatment from a Reiki practitioner treats the physical, mental, and spiritual health of a Reiki client. Enabling your body to concentrate on repair without being bogged down with day to day maintenance of your body.

Reiki treatments may be used as part of a treatment plan to relieve depression for the cancer patient. And the family members, I have experienced such results of improved physical symptoms, mood and over all well-being.

Since the big pharmaceutical companies will not invest money in a free cancer treatment. There is not a lot of evidence to show that Reiki can prevent, treat, or cure cancer.

However, many healthcare professionals accept Reiki as a complementary therapy which may help lower stress, promote relaxation, and reduce pain. Reiki can also help with anger and other troubling issues.

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Reiki treatment for cancer pain in Doncaster

Studies that can found across the internet have found that people being treated for cancer. Those who had received in person and distance Reiki healing. In addition to regular medical care had lower levels of pain, anxiety, and fatigue.

The study also included caesarean delivery and back pain.
In a small Canadian study 20 volunteers experiencing pain due to cancer were treated by Reiki practitioners. This was to see whether Reiki could be helpful to pain medicines. Immediately after the Reiki treatment.

Pain scales showed reductions in the volunteers.
Relaxation and increased levels of self-care are a common side affect of Reiki. Even after a few treatments of a 60 min Reiki treatment once a week.

The most positive thing of health benefits of Reiki for cancer are results, improving of life for women with cancer.

Benefits that of regular Reiki are:
*Improvements of their sleep
*Reduced depression levels
*Sense of calm
*Inner peace

*unblock chakras

Reiki is a non-invasive treatment for cancer. It doesn’t have any known harmful side effects and is not a treatment to replace any doctor approved treatment plan. Reiki meditation cal help with long term illness

At Reiki Doncaster I offer treatment that lasts 60 mins. During this time the hand is always kept above the body. When you arrive 10 mins before we discuss how the treatment will go and what you might expect. Most Cancer clients find it a very restful 60 mins where they can rest or go to sleep.

Reiki and Cancer – Health benefits of Reiki for cancer in Doncaster

You are most welcome to have anything from one Reiki treatment to an ongoing course of Reiki treatments. It’s up to you.

One lady who was having her second treatment of chemo. After her first Reiki session she said it was the best night sleep she had in months that night. The longest and deepest restful night and felt so much better that next day.

Cancer really takes its toll on our health and the family members around us. And so the health benefits of Reiki for cancer will help the people around you too.

Reiki goes straight to the source of the illness. And gradually after a few treatments we really see how the Reiki expands and reaches our whole being.

Reiki works with our bodies using the practitioner as a connection from the Reiki energy to you. Stimulating your body’s healing abilities with the Reiki.

There are many different types of mind body therapies besides Reiki, including yoga, tai chi and meditation, aromatherapy, and acupuncture. How can Reiki help me sleep is a very common question.

Reiki treatment sessions for sleep in Doncaster

Research carried out in Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, Showed Reiki reduced levels of pain and nausea by 78 percent. And revealed Reiki improved the sleep pattern of 86 percent of patients.

Hospitals and clinics across the globe are to seeing the benefits for cancer patients during as well as after care.

Reiki Doncaster is a dedicated Reiki healing service. And I have been giving healing treatments for nearly two decades. Seeing the improvements in my clients, it is very fulfilling.

I have had clients suffering from cancer come for treatments over the years. Some lasting a few weeks and some a few months. But all have benefited form my Reiki treatment here in Doncaster.

The change every time is quick with relief to them and the family. One of the most immediate effects is the improvement in sleep patterns. Sleep is essential to the body. It is the only time when the body systems have shut down. This time is enough for the body to get on with repairing itself. But it needs to happen!

We all feel cranky with no sleep. When the 60 mins of Reiki is finished normally the first reaction is. I felt such at peace and how the one hour goes so quick.

Reiki energy helping cancer – Doncaster Reiki practitioner

The week after the Reiki session I always advise to try and take it easy. As the healing can carry on for a few days. But after a few weeks of sleep the fatigue starts to fade with lower levels of anxiety.

The health benefits of Reiki for cancer is an ongoing journey of healing. Both physically and mentally coping with what you are going through. Reiki becomes an hour of peace and healing for you to take home and continue.

Above all, with cancer affecting 1 in 3 people, we are never far away from it. So having a therapy as relaxing as Reiki to guide and help heal your body benefits you in many ways.

Treatment for a partner or friend of a cancer patient can be very beneficial. Bringing a wave of healing calm in a stressful time. You can feel many of the benefits of Reiki, being able to sleep is a main priority. Boosting your well being for so much needing support so you can give more.

Reiki Doncaster is dedicated to bringing you a special connection to Reiki energy.

Reiki empowerment and helping cancer

Every Monday I receive a Reiki empowerment from my Reiki master. Also doing daily Reiki practice to myself to finely tune my ability to focus.

I am a dedicated Reiki practitioner, so I bring to my clients the very best Reiki every day. Through personal Reiki treatments in Doncaster. Or distance Reiki healing for people that live too far away or that can’t travel to me.

Reiki Doncaster is here for you and your Reiki needs. Firstly, as I’ve said before, Reiki is not a replacement for your medication. However, through studies, and with my Reiki clients in Doncaster, I know that Reiki can help you throughout your journey.

Cancer is a serious topic that we can talk about together. I offer chats before and after our Reiki session. About your needs, what the Reiki can do for you, And what we want the overall outcome to be like. Then I’ll do my best to give you the Reiki session you desire.

The health benefits of Reiki for cancer can be a long process. Or something you occasionally decide to do when you have some free time. Whatever your needs are, Reiki is a flexible way to help relieve your body. And give you some time to sleep, rest, or to just not think.

It can help your mind drift off, even just for an hour, into helping your body. And the Reiki will help that too.

In conclusion, if you have cancer and would like to get in touch with me, we can book your Reiki session as soon as possible. Let’s heal.

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