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Reiki Distance healing

Reiki Distance healing is the method in Reiki to channel energy through a greater space than when you would normally be in the presence of your Reiki healer.

Understandably, some people have trouble reconciling this. Especially if the client has never had a Reiki experience before.

My practice is called Reiki Doncaster and I have been practicing Reiki since 2003. My Distance Reiki clients are all over the world. Distance and locality are not an issue with Reiki energy.

The whole concept of Reiki is to channel the energy through the practitioner and this can be done in more than one way.

I would like to help you to understand the concept. Firstly, it isn’t channelling my own energy to you. I channel Reiki Energy from the universe. We know how vast and diverse the universe is. But some people still have a little trouble accepting Reiki. So let’s go back to the basics of Reiki Distance healing.

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Reiki works on intent! Reiki follows my intention. Whether I want to heal a plant, human or animal, or in my past or future. To a person standing next to be or someone over the other side of the world.

So the whole purpose of having a Reiki treatment is to receive Reiki energy to heal you on all levels. Reiki will help to re open your chakras.

Most importantly, we have to accept that the energy comes from around us. Whether I am in Doncaster England and you are in America. Or we are together sharing the same space. No matter where we are we are surrounded by Reiki energy.

Reiki Distance healing brings Reiki to you

As a Reiki practitioner it is my purpose to practice and meditate with Reiki to improve my connection to the energy.

The flow of Reiki does come naturally to all of us. So that’s why, with training we can all receive the energy when we choose and turn it off when we want.

Reiki creates a mindset to bring the strong and pure energy through you creates a lot of work on the healers side of things.

It’s very important to be in a mindset where you can feel every little thing, thought and vibrations. To sense where the energy wants to go. As though our hands we are able to project the Reiki.

This is why you need to find a dedicated Reiki healer to be able to receive everything you need.

So this brings us back to the distance Reiki. Because I am channelling Reiki I am able to transcend time and space as Reiki is everywhere. Reiki is right next to you, it helps create you and guide you. Reiki is universal energy. That is what Reiki means. Universal energy.

So don’t worry about Reiki distance healing not finding you. My Reiki practice in Doncaster has helped clients all over the world through distance healing. I offer Reiki treatment for cancer from Doncaster, stress and many other ailments. Just contact me for a chat.

The only way we would be less likely to feel it though a distance healing is if we were less relaxed. This can happen if you are a little anxious. But don’t worry, all will be as it should be.

Reiki is all around us, always

The energy will always come to you and bring 100% of what you need, whether you believe it or not. Reiki doesn’t live in time or space it is everything and everything is Reiki.

Normally when we are seeking out Distance Reiki healing. We are not at our best, so when you do have faith that something has to work the Reiki will start to shine through even more.

I promise I don’t keep a bag of Reiki under the Reiki table for when you come for a treatment! When we are empowered on Reiki courses we are made more aware and more sensitive to feeling the energy. This is how I can channel it to you. Reiki can help with headache and many other conditions.

Reiki Distance healing can also be improved by the use of symbols These are taught to help the Reiki healer experience oneness and connection.

This helps the practitioner come in to a state of mind of still and calm to feel like you are right in front of them.

Then with the connection stronger the Reiki healer can feel your energy just as easy as if you were sitting in front of them.

Calming Reiki energy making you better

About 20 minutes before a treatment, be it distance or in person, I would meditate to set my mind to be focused and in tune with you before you even get in the door.

I cleanse the room and set the intention for the Reiki treatment for your highest good.

Reiki Distance healing
Reiki Distance healing

I set a calming tone in the room to create the healing ambiance and healing energy. So when we start the healing at the time arranged, we can focus the Reiki energy in to healing you and your needs.

A full 60 minutes of pure dedicated energy might seem like a long time to be laying still at home or in a treatment in person. But the Reiki has a way of covering you in warm blissful energy that makes you feel safe and relaxed.

The more sessions you have the quicker the transition from awake to almost asleep happens

Some clients fall to sleep straight away, while others can just lay there in a calm relaxed energy, you can’t get anything wrong.

As every session is honing in around you the Reiki will always heal to our highest good. You can never be hurt by Reiki, practitioners cannot put bad energy on you as there is no such thing.

Your Distance Reiki session

To book your Reiki Distance healing session just contact me using the contact form -click. We would then arrange a time and date and I will call you or message about 15 mins beforehand. I will already be set up my side and ready to start the healing.

You need to be in a room alone without being disturbed. Some people like to sit in a chair but I do recommend laying down. The energy can feel very sleepy sometimes and you might need to unwind and de stress and this is the Reiki way of helping with that.

During the 60 minutes, listening to soft music, popping on some candles and something nice to smell like incense or an oil aroma candle is a good idea.

If you do practice meditation I recommend starting that before our treatment as well, so you have your mind and body in a relaxed place to start with.

During the Reiki distance healing session you might get images coming up or feelings that you have been worrying about. Things that are supressed also might suddenly come to mind. These can get quite emotional, this is a reaction from the Reiki and is a very healthy one.

Reiki is at the heart of things

As we are healing we have to start at the core problem and this is how Reiki will help you find a way. The thoughts and feelings come up and go as they are blockages in your body that are creating negative energy.

Releasing these with Reiki is a way to control pain leading to a healthier and happier you.
To finish your distance healing I will either call or message you about the notes I made during the treatment and what I noticed.

My practice is Reiki Doncaster in England. So for my clients that live abroad, I am able email you or use one of the social media platforms for correspondence.

So this is to help find the next steps and plan the intention for your next Reiki session.

In conclusion, Reiki distance healing is a pleasant, safe way to health and happiness.

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