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Reiki healing heart chakra

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Reiki healing heart chakra

Anahata – roughly translated to unhurt – or Reiki healing heart chakra , is one of the seven chakras.  It’s not a surprise when you learn that the heart chakra is to do with love, compassion and more. And it’s all too important to keep that chakra balanced just like the rest.

Your heart chakra may need some support. A wide range of people struggle with the heart chakra, as love can be complicated. But whatever your reason, Reiki Doncaster can help heal your heart chakra. As well as all the rest.

Hello everyone, I’m Kirsty. I’m a Reiki master and practitioner. Reiki Doncaster is local to Doncaster, so if you’re near, feel free to come when you’d like. I’m glad to help anybody. I can also help you with Reiki distance healing.

An abundance of emotions come from the heart chakra. Such as love, hate, empathy, loneliness, grief, joy, jealousy. And much more on top of that.

But we also must remember than the heart chakra isn’t just about relationships. It’s about the love and compassion for the entire universe. Everything is important in its own way, and it is equally important to remind yourself of that.

There are many ways to know if your heart chakra is blocked. And also how to repair and balance it, on top of your Reiki sessions.

Reiki helps balance the chakras so you can properly live in and assess your life. It’s a sort of valuable exercise without needing to physically start it.

Let’s continue and find out how to detect a low heart chakra.

How to detect a low heart chakra

Issues in trust: A blocked heart chakra may come from your lack of trust. Perhaps someone has betrayed you, and your heart chakra from then on was blocked. You may obsess over trust from the fear of being betrayed again – and that is not helping you.

Not as empathetic: You may notice yourself being less empathetic than usual. It has shown to be a sure-fire way to knowing your heart chakra is blocked. Whether it be an emotional burnout symptom, defence mechanism, or whatever the reason.

Feeling lonely: Ever isolate yourself even though you’d rather be making better or working on relationships? Whether it’s by intention or not, if you feel lonely, this can be a sign of a blocked heart chakra. As I said earlier, the heart chakra is about love and compassion. And if you don’t have these things, then your heart chakra is probably suffering.

Commitment issues: Consciously or subconsciously, you may start to notice a pattern in your love life. And that pattern might be a non-committal one. Whatever the root cause is, there’s always a way out of it. And one of those is through Reiki.

Fear of rejection: Do you find yourself putting people at arm’s length, or always having one foot in the door? Often linked to commitment issues, fear of rejection is a sign that your heart chakra is unbalanced. 

Putting yourself last: Doing good deeds for others is one way of loving someone. But when it becomes an exhausting, never-ending job for you, this isn’t healthy for your heart chakra. Instead, you must focus on you too, and know it is not bad at all, because you’re human too.

Balancing your heart chakra with Reiki

Those were just some of the many things that can happen with a low heart chakra. It may be scary, and it could be a realisation to how you act. And that’s okay. We’re all human, and it can be tough to get by without a balanced heart chakra.

So, how do we have a balanced heart chakra?

Reiki master Doncaster
Reiki healing in Doncaster

One of the ways you can help yourself is through Reiki! And by booking an appointment with Reiki Doncaster. As you know, my name is Kirsty, and I’m the owner of Reiki Doncaster. A local Reiki practitioner and master. And a person who can help.

Through my years of learning Reiki and the things around it, I have successfully implemented Reiki into my everyday life. And by doing so, have opened up many possibilities I didn’t know were possible.

If you’re not in the best place you could be, you’ve already taken the first step forward from denial. And though it could be a bumpy road ahead, the better it gets, the better it gets. And trust in your own healing process, however strong or small the issue is. Because through your journey and through Reiki will you find yourself at peace.

Reiki healing heart chakra
Reiki healing heart chakra

Reiki Master in Doncaster

I am a Reiki master living in Doncaster. Let me help you help you through your journey to peace of mind. Using Reiki, the healing energy of the universe, to help.

How does it help? If you don’t know much about Reiki, here is the run-down of it. Reiki, the universal healing energy, travels into the recipient. The energy goes into the energy body (the energy part of your being) and balances your being. All three parts: the mental, physical and spiritual will be healed.

Reiki is a non-invasive healing therapy. A complementary therapy for your healing needs. And it can be used for pretty much anything. Whether it’s physical, or mental. Or spiritual. Sometimes you don’t even know what’s truly off, but you feel the effects anyway. Reiki helps clean out and clear your mind so that you can see the problem for what it is. As the big picture.

And that’s it for this time. I hope to hear from you soon and help treat you. Until next time.

Every part of Reiki is beautiful – Even the part where you decide that it is one way you want to grow.

I can’t wait to meet you, so we can help you accept yourself, and help yourself on a regular basis.

No one says it’s going to be easy, but I wish to make the process as laid-back and healing as possible. There is not a relaxing time in your life unless you make one. And that’s exactly what Reiki and Reiki Doncaster can do for you.

Therefore whenever you need a Reiki session contact me I will be here to help support you through Reiki.

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